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Anthony Felitti, Boynton Beach, Florida Police Officer, Arrested for Battery

Anthony Felitti, a Boynton Beach, Florida police officer, was arrested on after Jodi Felitti, his ex-wife, claimed that he attacked her on Saturday, March 10. The 41-year-old officer was booked at Palm Beach County Jail on a misdemeanor battery charge. It is not clear whether he has been granted bail bond or has retained a private criminal defense attorney.

The arrest report from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office indicates that Jodi Felitti, Anthony Felitti’s ex-wife, filed a complaint with police after Anthony allegedly used force against her during an argument. She told police that she had asked Anthony to help her buy a new mattress and move it into her home in Wellington. The mattress was reportedly for the couple’s two boys, whose ages are not known.

Anthony Felitti reportedly dropped the mattress off at Jodi’s residence, then took a rake from the garage and put it in his vehicle. Jodi told police that she told him to put it back but that he refused, and the pair ended up in a tug-of-war with the rake. Jodi then alleged that Anthony grabbed her by the wrist and twisted it in order to make her let go of the rake in an act of domestic violence. Once he got the rake, she said, he put it back into his vehicle and drove off with it.

It is not clear what action the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office will take as far as Officer Felitti’s position at the department is concerned as the legal proceedings continue. So far, no statement has been made available. As of Thursday, March 15, Felitti’s Facebook status was reportedly “Boynton Beach Police Department, I Dont Need Anger Management.”

Unfortunately, police officers are arrested occasionally. One Southern Florida case that is continually making international headlines is that of Fausto Lopez, the Broward County deputy who was caught going 120 miles per hour on the freeway on the way to a second job. He told the Florida Highway Patrol deputy who pulled him over and greeted him at his vehicle with her gun drawn that he hadn’t realized that she was following him.

The surveillance camera in state trooper Donna Jane Watts’ vehicle caught the entire incident. In the widely circulated video, Lopez ‘ trooper can be seen shooting past other traffic and weaving in and out of lanes as Watts pursues him. Later, he can be heard saying “I cannot believe this… I cannot believe this at all,” as Watts yells at him to put his hands out the window, get out of his car and turn around so she can arrest him.

His arrest was followed by a whirlwind of unpleasant and threatening comments and incidents directed at deputy Watts and at the Florida Highway Patrol in general. One state trooper found five gallons of human excrement that appeared to have come from a port-a-potty poured over his patrol car, which was parked outside of his residence. An amateur video was released of two Florida Highway Patrol cruisers speeding down a freeway. There is speculation that both incidents may have been carried out by police officers.

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