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Andrew Thomas, Volusia County, Florida DCF Investigator, Arrested for Official Misconduct

Andrew Thomas, a Volusia County, Florida Department of Children and Families agent, was arrested Friday after one of his wards accused him of soliciting her for sex during a drug test, news sources indicate. Thomas, 32, was booked into the Cumberland County Prison in Pennsylvania on multiple charges, including official misconduct, bribery by a public servant, and falsifying records. He is currently awaiting extradition to Florida. It is unclear if Thomas has retained a private criminal defense lawyer.

Reports say that Thomas worked at the Florida Department of Children and Families in Volusia County before the accusations surfaced. He carried out duties such as drug test administration during his time at the department. Following these recent reports, though, Thomas allegedly resigned from the department and moved to Carlisle, Pennsylvania. He has since been arrested by Pennsylvania police as part of an extradition order. Authorities plan on sending him back to Volusia County to face trial.

According to reports, Thomas visited the victim’s New Smyrna Beach home on May 8 to screen her for drug use. The victim, 22, was unidentified in the report. During his time at her home, Thomas allegedly took a sample of the woman’s urine and tested it on the scene. He then told her that the sample showed she had used drugs, and that he was legally obligated to report the finding to the woman’s probation officer, reports say. It is not clear whether the drug test actually showed positive results.

After engaging in a discussion, Tomas allegedly offered to pretend that his urine was hers so she could test negative for the drug test. However, he allegedly asked the woman to have sex with him in exchange for the favor. After telling the victim that his supervisor could punish him for helping her, he explained that sexually servicing him was the only way he could ensure her trust, reports say.

The woman declined, but Thomas allegedly kept asking her. Distressed, the victim attempted to record Thomas’s advances for later use as evidence. However, he reportedly caught her in the act and allegedly demanded that she delete the recording. The woman alleges that after considerable cajoling, she undressed and let Thomas look at her. However, the victim told police that she did not partake in any physical contact with Thomas. The victim claims that this satiated Thomas and that he retook the test with his urine and left.

Following the incident, the victim told her boyfriend about the alleged incident, sources say. The man called Thomas and Thomas reportedly apologized, saying that he had only done what he thought was best for his client. He also purportedly tried to placate the man by saying he was ending all of the victims’ current cases. Nevertheless, the victim contacted the DCF, after which employer notified him of the complaint. Upon hearing about the complaint, Thomas withdrew from his position at the DCF and flew to Pennsylvania, reports say.

Reports went on to say that there may be additional victims that felt Thomas violated them in some way. One such purported victim told the DCF that Thomas, while he was her caseworker, had contacted her by phone at odd times and often made remarks about her appearance. On one occasion, he reportedly spoke with her about sexually provocative activities. However, there is no indication that he ever had any sexual contact with anyone in connection to his responsibilities at the DCF.

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