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Andres Moreno of Dania Beach, Florida Arrested for Possessing Child Pornography

Andres Moreno of Dania Beach, Florida was arrested Tuesday for allegedly downloading child pornography over the internet, news sources report. Moreno, 37, was booked into the Broward County Main Jail on 25 counts of possession of child pornography videos, 14 counts of computer pornography, one count of possession of material depicting a sexual performance by a child with intent to promote, one count of promoting sexual performance by a child, and one count of transmission of porn by electronic device. A judge ordered that Moreno be held in lieu of $35,000 bail bond. The press did not specify an attorney for Moreno.

According to reports, detectives monitoring an internet file-sharing network discovered an IP address that had downloaded a number of child pornographic videos. The IP address, which functions much like a physical address for a computer, reportedly belonged to Moreno. Detectives obtained and executed a search warrant on Moreno’s home and inspected his computer.

Reports say detectives located at least 25 videos that depict children, some of whom are under the age of 13, performing sexual acts with adults and other children. Moreno told detectives that he never abused or touched a child in a sexual way. During Moreno’s initial court appearance, a Broward County Judge ordered that he be not use the internet until the case was resolved.

While many people who download child pornography believe they are simply voyeurs, the law views the act in a different light. United States’ law does not view downloading child pornography as a victimless crime. Instead, the law treats it as abuse on the victim by a third party. Although the person downloading and viewing evidence of the abuse did not technically abuse the child, they have created a demand for the pornography. With demand comes supply, which ultimately increases the amount of illegal pornography being created and shared online.

Of course, not all crimes involve children. Sylvester Frances Kulaga of Hernando County is accused of attempting to set his ex-girlfriend, Lisa Massey, and her current boyfriend on fire, reports say. Kulaga, 52, is wanted by police on charges of battery and attempted first-degree murder. So far, he has eluded arrest. It is unclear whether he has made any attempts to hire legal representation.

According to reports, Kulaga had been in the Hernando County Detention Center since November on various larceny and drug charges. Kulaga was released from the jail on Saturday. Following his release, Kulaga reportedly learned that his former girlfriend, Massey, had found a new boyfriend and that the two now live together.

At around 6:00 Tuesday morning, Kulaga allegedly went to Massey’s residence, opened a window, unlocked a door, and made his way inside. Sources say that Kulaga went to Massey’s bedroom, where she and her boyfriend were still in bed. Kulaga allegedly dumped lighter fluid over Massey and the boyfriend, then attempted to set them on fire using a lighter and a can of spray paint.

Massey leapt from the bed at Kulaga and a struggle broke out, sources say. Marvin Harvey, a roommate, entered the room and struggled with Kulaga as well. Eventually, Massey and Harvey were able to throw Kulaga out of the home. Kulaga fled on foot and has been on the lam since, reports say.

Sources: 6.20.13 Moreno Child Porn.pdf, 6.20.13 Kulaga Battery.pdf.

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