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Andrea Castillo Killed, Marco Barrios Injured in Miami, Florida Collision

Andrea Castillo, 21, was killed and Marco Barrios injured in a Miami, Florida collision with an unmarked police car on Friday, news sources indicate. Castillo died of her injuries in the hospital; Barrios sustained critical injuries but is expected to make a full recovery. It is unclear whether the officer driving the police vehicle was injured. Authorities later said Barrios was at fault because he failed to stop at an intersection, an allegation he has since contested. A lawsuit may now surface, in which Barrios will seek the release of the squad car’s black box and surveillance footage as vindication in the case. It is unclear whether any criminal charges were filed.

Reports say the accident occurred in the evening of October 19. Barrios and Castillo were out celebrating Castillo’s birthday. Reports say he was behind the wheel of his black Jeep Compass, she in the passenger’s seat, when they struck the unmarked police car. Barrios went unconscious immediately following the accident. “I was in and out of consciousness. Everything is pretty much a blur,” he told reporters.

When he came to, he immediately asked about Castillo’s condition. “I remember waking up and asking if my girlfriend was okay,” he said. Both Castillo and Barrios sustained serious injuries in the wreckage and paramedics transported them both to a nearby hospital. A few days later, Barrios was recovering from his injuries; Castillo did not recover and doctors pronounced her dead days after the accident.

Barrios recalled telling his girlfriend goodbye, he told the press. “I remember just holding her hand and [telling] her a bunch of things, just me and her in privacy. I had asked everyone to leave the room and I will just keep that between me and her.”

Now, Barrios and Castillo’s parents want answers in the accident. Police have since released information saying that Barrios was at fault because he did not properly stop at an intersection. Barrios, however, denied those allegations and suggested the driver of the unmarked police might have been at fault. An investigation may be under way to examine those claims. A lawsuit and possible legal repercussions may surface pending that investigation.

In other news, Edward Archbold of Broward County, Florida was pronounced dead following a bizarre bug-eating competition at a pet shop in Deerfield Beach, reports indicate. Archbold, 32, died after choking on bile and pieces of insects following the event. Archbold reportedly signed a waiver before entering the contest; however, it is unclear whether an investigation will turn up any legal charges against the pet shop.

Reports say the competition took place on October 5 at the Ben Siegel Reptile Store, located in Deerfield Beach, Florida. Archbold was one of several contestants who participated in the insect-eating competition. The grand prize was reportedly a rare breed of python that retails for hundreds of dollars. The contestants scarfed down handfuls of insects, including live cockroaches and worms, as they raced for the finish.

Reports say Archbold came in first and won the snake. However, as he exited the store he fell to the ground and began to convulse. Paramedics rushed him to the Broward Health North Medical Center, where a doctor pronounced him dead. A medical examination showed the he choked to death on insect parts and his own vomit.

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