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Allen Clifton Arrested in Marion County, Florida for Drunk Driving

Allen Clifton was arrested in Marion County, Florida after he allegedly impersonated a police officer while driving drunk. Clifton, 29, was reportedly charged with one count each of impersonating a law enforcement officer, driving under the influence of alcohol, fleeing and eluding, driving with a suspended or revoked license, and resisting without violence, as well as six counts of aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer. He remains incarcerated in lieu of paying $55,000 according to reports. It is not clear whether Clifton has retained a private criminal defense lawyer.

According to press reports, the alleged offenses occurred on Monday in Marion County, near Highway 484 and Marion Oaks Boulevard. The time of the indecent is not currently known, although multiple marked police cars were reportedly involved.

The episode purportedly began when a Marion county deputy allegedly spotted Clifton driving a white GMC pickup truck with strobe lights, trying to pull another vehicle over to the side of the road. A description of the vehicle that Clifton was allegedly attempting to pull over is not available, and it is not clear what investigators suspect Clifton’s alleged motives were in attempting to pull over the vehicle. The deputy reported that upon witnessing the interaction, he tried to pull Clifton over, but that Clifton fled. The officer gave chase and called for backup.

The officer alleged that Clifton continued to flee, driving over 100 miles per hour and leading several marked police cars on a police chase through a residential neighborhood. It does not appear as though any bystanders (pedestrians or otherwise) were hurt during the chase. The press release by Marion County’s Sheriff Office alleges that eventually, in order to stop Clifton, police officers blocked the street with their cars. Clifton, however, allegedly still refused to stop, slamming through the makeshift barricade and continuing to drive away.

At that point, according to the press release, “to prevent injury to the driver, deputies and witnesses, [a deputy] fired shots at the tires of the vehicle, causing one to go flat. The driver came to a stop at the 13200 block of SW 65th Circle but refused to exit the vehicle.” Police officers reportedly smashed a window of Clifton’s window with a baton and forcibly removed him the truck. Clifton sports a bandage on the left side of his face in his booking photo, possibly a result of this exchange. It is not clear whether he required hospitalization before being transported to jail.

Deputies somehow learned Clifton’s name and birth date, although the release does not specify how. A check reportedly revealed that he had a suspended driver’s license. Deputies apparently suspected that Clifton was under the influence of alcohol, although the release does not specify whether he underwent a sobriety test at the scene of his arrest. A later test conducted at the jail allegedly revealed that his blood alcohol content was 0.17. The legal driving limit is 0.08.

Drunk driving allegations are a common occurrence in South Florida. One high-profile case currently underway is that of Rosa Rivera Kim, who was allegedly under the influence when she crashed into a cabana contained Alanna DeMella, 27. DeMella and her seven-month-old fetus both expired as a result of the crash.

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