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Alexis Ernesto Estrada, Alejandro Troche-Rodriguez, and Melvin Antonio Fuentes of Broward, Florida Arrested for Grand Theft and Burglary

Alexis Ernesto Estrada, Alejandro Troche-Rodriguez, and Melvin Antonio Fuentes have been arrested and are facing multiple burglary charges after allegedly informing investigators that they “broke into more vehicles than they can remember.”

New sources say the three young men are currently being held by police and bond was set at $4,500 for Troche-Rodriguez, and $3,500 for both Fuentes and Estrada. It is unclear if any of the them has acquired legal representation.

According to the arrest report, the group was arrested after they were purportedly caught breaking into a vehicle. A witness allegedly called police after noticing the trio loitering around the streets of the Coral Bay community at around 5 a.m. on Tuesday. The witness claims to have seen them checking the doors of all the vehicles that were parked on the street.

Officers who responded to the call reportedly saw the three men leave the neighborhood in a vehicle. When the officers eventually stopped them, they noticed the group’s vehicle was full of power tools and other property.

According to the police report, the trio was searched and questioned by the officers. Fuentes, 19, was found with stolen credit cards in his pockets. He purportedly admitted to stealing power tools estimated to be worth $600 from a Chevrolet Silverado pickup. When questioned separately, Troche-Rodriguez, 19, and Estrada, 20, both allegedly admitted to regularly committing burglaries with the other two members of the group.

Investigators claim to have surveillance footage from one of the homes in the area showing the three men taking turns as lookouts while one of them searched vehicles on the street for loot.

The three young men are not the first group of youth to be accused of breaking into multiple vehicles in the area. Earlier this month, two teens were linked to over 100 car burglaries in Pembroke Pines. The pair was allegedly caught in the act at around 3:30 a.m. on Friday, April 29.

After their arrest, Isaac Destine, 18, and his unnamed 17-year-old accomplice were purportedly found in possession of three firearms and a large amount of cash in their vehicle. Destine is being held at Broward Main Jail in lieu of $34,500 bond. He faces charges for petit theft, grand theft of a firearm, criminal mischief, burglary, and possession of marijuana.

Destine’s accomplice was also charged with grand theft of a firearm, but it is unclear if he is still in police custody. Broward Sheriff’s Office told news sources that both teens are likely to face additional charges as the investigation continues.

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