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Alexandria Sladon-Marler of Fort Lauderdale, Florida Arrested for Aggravated Manslaughter

Alexandria Sladon-Marler of Fort Lauderdale, Florida was arrested Monday after investigators accused her of placing her baby in a hotel dumpster, reports say. Marler, 33, was booked into the North Broward Bureau Detention Facility on multiple charges, including aggravated manslaughter and child neglect with great bodily harm. Her bail bond was set at $45,000 for the manslaughter charge and $2,500 for the neglect charge. It is unclear whether she has retained a private criminal defense lawyer.

Reports indicate that Marler was a guest at the Fort Lauderdale Beach Place Hotel and Suites at the time of the incident. At some point during her stay, Marler is believed to have given birth to an infant boy. It is uncertain how the birth came about, whether it was fully developed or premature, but the woman allegedly did not report it. Instead, investigators say she “wrapped [the baby] in a towel and placed inside of a pillowcase,” and then deposited it in the hotel’s dumpster.

Marler then checked into the Broward General Medical Center, reports say, where she reportedly concocted a story about having a recent abortion. The hospital staff, however, was skeptical and contacted authorities to let them know that the woman had given recently birth, but that the baby’s whereabouts were unknown.

When detectives tracked down the woman’s temporary residence, they uncovered what they thought was “an unusual amount of blood throughout the hotel room” in which Marler was staying, police reports say. Upon further investigation, detectives located the pillowcase containing the towel-garbed infant in the facility’s dumpster. The child was not alive when it was discovered, and it is not clear whether or not it was stillborn. Investigators waited for Marler to recover at the Florida Hospital before taking her into custody.

In related news, Sara Ewers of Bradenton, Florida was arrested Monday after she lost track of her autistic child for a period of several hours, reports say. Ewers, 31, was taken into police custody on a single charge of child neglect without injury. She has since been released on $10,000 bail.

Reports say the incident occurred around 3:00 Sunday evening. Ewers was at home with her 8-year-old son when she allegedly had some alcoholic beverages and fell asleep. They boy, who was alone with Ewers, tried to wake his mother a number of times without success, police say. The boy decided to call his father, who told him to try waking her once more. When that failed, the father – who lives elsewhere – came and picked up his son, who awaited his arrival outside the residence, investigators say.

Early Monday morning, Ewers alerted authorities that her son was missing. When police contacted the father, he told them that Ewers had allegedly fallen into a drunken slumber and that he retrieved his son after the boy tried numerous times without success to wake her. The father also said he did not attempt to enter the home or wake Ewers when he picked up his son. The child remained in his father’s custody following the arrest, police say.

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