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Brian Silber, Esq.

Brian Silber is a trial attorney and legal analyst located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  He is a former prosecutor with nearly 15 years experience in the courtroom who has brought over 100 cases to trial. He is the founding lawyer at Law Offices of Brian Silber, P.A. and focuses his practice on criminal defense, personal injury, and civil litigation in state and federal courts.

Brian Silber has appeared on Fox News, CNN, Headline News, and the Fox News Business Channel where he has covered some of the nation’s highest profile cases, including:

  • Arizona v. Jodi Arias (Travis Alexander Murder Trial)
  • California v. Robert Durst (HBO’s “The Jinx”)
  • Florida v. George Zimmerman (Trayvon Martin Murder Trial)
  • Ohio v. Ariel Castro (aka “Basement Dungeon Killer”)
  • South Africa v. Oscar Pistorius (aka “The Blade Runner”)
  • Texas v. Eddie Ray Routh (aka “American Sniper Killer”)
  • United States v. Dzhokhar Tzarnaev (aka “Boston Marathon Bomber”)
  • United States v. Maj. Nidal Hasan (aka “Fort Hood Killer”)

Brian Silber is also a native Floridian and a graduate of the University of Miami School of Law and the University of Miami School of Business. Ironically, he is an avid snowboarder and winter sports enthusiast.

In an effort to bring television legal analysis to the internet, Brian Silber has created Courthouse Insider, for you – the viewing public.

Mission Statement

Are you the kind of person who is fascinated by the law? Do you follow current events? Are you interested in true crime, forensics, and real-life courtroom action?

Courthouse Insider delivers the real issues that drive the Nation’s most pressing legal battles.

In every article, you can count on us to Identify, Explain, and Forecast:

Identify – Using his insider knowledge of the legal system, Brian Silber identifies the real issues that matter in the courtroom… the issues that determine who wins and who loses.

Explain – Using plain English, Brian Silber decodes the law and court procedure to explain how the real issues will dictate the ultimate outcome.

Forecast – Armed with the facts, applicable law, and his experience as a trial attorney, Brian Silber explains how it will all unfold in court.

Lastly, Courthouse Insider is dedicated to fact based, evidence driven reporting that is fresh and up to date. You can count on us to deliver reliable legal news and analysis when it counts!

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