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Aaron Stephen White Arrested in Hallandale Beach, Florida for Fraud and Grand Theft

Aaron Stephen White, a resident of Texas, was arrested in Hallandale Beach for allegedly stealing $97,000 from Amberleigh Clark though a supposed investment opportunity. White, 44, faces grand theft and fraud charges. Records show that he was released from police custody after posting $10,000 bail.

According to the arrest report, White purportedly convinced Clark to invest in his fake iPhone distribution business with the promise that he would triple her investment. Clark claims to have given White close to $100,000 over 12 months for iPhones from his Carribean-based distribution system.

The report states that Clark met White via a mutual friend, which was why she never confirmed that White’s business was legitimate. Clark believed that his distribution business was real after he allegedly showed her a contract from another investor he purportedly scammed in 2012. Clark also claims that White promised her an employment opportunity that would enable her to obtain a work visa while she worked on getting a U.S. citizenship. News sources did not specify where Clark is originally from.

A Hallandale Beach detective handling the case told news sources that White is a “professional con man” who tries to appear to be wealthy. The detective said while White has pictures of himself on Facebook posing next to a Ferrari to support this image.

The detective also said that White reportedly promised to use the profits from Clark’s investment to open a medicinal marijuana dispensary in Colorado in an attempt to “string her along.” Clark reportedly trusted White enough to let him use her credit card for purchases she believed were related to the marijuana business, but White purportedly used the card for personal expenses totaling approximately $12,000.

Police say the contract White allegedly used to convince Clark to invest in his business was from a fake deal he made in 2012 with Adel Korkis of Pembroke Pines, offering to sell him 850 iPhones worth $581,000. Korkis reportedly paid Clark $75,000 as a deposit, but he never received any iPhones. Court records show that the case was settled after White pleaded no contest. He was ordered to pay restitution and was put on probation until 2020.

Korkis, like Clark, claims to have met White through a mutual friend and believed him to be a professional businessman with a legitimate Apple distribution company. He told new sources that White showed him documents detailing the number of Apple products he had sold and legitimizing his purported connection to Apple.

Source: 5.28.16 White Fraud Grand Theft.pdf