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YNOT any justice for Jonathan Corso? Investigation still open in Broward County.

Jonathan Corso was loved by his followers as one of the most respected and prolific graffiti artists in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale area. If you have ever driven or walked down a South Florida street for more than one block, you definitely saw his infamous tag: YNOT.

On the streets, this man was respected. He was revered as an artist with something to say. Those that knew him said he had a philosophy about living that enlightened everyone around him. There is no doubt that his life touched many.

If so, why has it taken authorities so long to resolve their investigation into his killing over one month ago?

This case does not seem to involve complicated forensics or onerous documentation that takes many weeks or even months to figure out. There is no DNA, complicated toxicology, or lost witnesses that need to be found.

Anyone of importance in this case was present that night over one month ago, when YNOT was run over outside a local strip club. At the time, news reports stated that the driver hit YNOT with his car and then intentional ran over him.

In the most recent news reports, that driver claims he was being robbed.

The whole thing sounds fishy to me.

In a town where everyone and his mother is arrested and charged for something, I don’t understand why this investigation is still pending.

Is it because YNOT was such a prolific graffiti artist? Does his killing have any less importance because he liked to spray-paint highway overpasses?

Lets be clear about one thing: I love art, but I do not appreciate a graffiti artist’s choice of canvass. I respect the message, but hey, its our highway too… not all of us wanted it tagged up.

But thats another beef for another day.

What needs to be said here concerns YNOT’s right for justice. Whatever that justice maybe… whether it means murder charges for his killer or exoneration. There is a big difference between killing and murder. I think when someone is killed under questionable circumstances, law enforcement has a duty to resolve the murder/killing question with diligence and without unnecessary delay.

While there may be a valid reason for the great delay in resolving this case, I am sure many people are left scratching their heads wondering why YNOT’s death is any less important than anybody else’s. When law enforcement takes their time with these types of investigations it tells the public the outcome is not important and that it isn’t a priority for them.

Whatever the case may be, I hope the circumstances surrounding YNOT’s death are resolved and Jonathan Corso gets the justice he deserves.

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