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Julio Gomez Should Sue Palm Beach Sheriff for Wrongful Arrest

Unbelievably, the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office released 25 year old Julio Gomez from jail after more than five months in jail. Deputies now admit that they arrested the wrong man on first degree murder charges.

This case is profoundly shocking since cops failed to match this Julio Gomez’s birthday to the real Julio Gomez they were seeking. Why did it take five months to figure this out??

The truth is that this Julio Gomez is probably a poor Mexican migrant worker living in Palm Beach County and is a person without the social or financial means to make his voice heard.

I am extremely offended by this case. I bet you if Mr. Gomez was a celebrity, a Palm Beach socialite, or someone with money, he wouldn’t have even been arrested and if he was, he wouldn’t have languished in jail for over five months.

Julio Gomez deserves compensation and he deserves justice. According to news reports, Gomez was released after cops realized his birth date did not match that of their suspect. His claims of innocence were also bolstered by affidavits from friends who said he consistently worked and lived with them.

Just because Gomez is likely a poor farm worker, does not mean he deserves to rot in prison. This man was wronged by law enforcement and it should be set right.

I hope Mr. Gomez stands up for himself and hires a lawyer who can fight for his rights.

Hopefully he will heal from this experience and get on with the rest of his life.

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