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Robert Ray Huizenga Pleads No-Contest to Fort Lauderdale Judge

Robert Ray Huizenga, son of H. Wayne Huizenga, plead no-contest to a boating under the influence charge in Fort Lauderdale, Florida this morning. The Honorable Michelle Towbin-Singer presided over Huizenga’s case and sentenced him to 18 months in Florida State Prison. This prison sentence will also be followed by a 6 month period of probation.

For those who are not aware, Huizenga was taken into custody last July after violating his DUI probation by operating a boating vessel while under the influence. For violating his probation, Huizenga was previously sentenced to 2 years in prison. Both prison sentences were ordered to run concurrently. Huizenga will be entitled to credit for time already served as well as gain time for good behavior.

According to his lawyer, Huizenga “has learned it’s time to put away childish things, and the childish thing is going out and getting hammered with the boys…” Had Huizenga gone to trial and lost, Judge Towbin-Singer would have had the discretion to sentence him to up to 5 years in prison on this charge alone.

The fact that he is a repeat offender would have certainly worked against him. In his first case, Huizenga is said to have injured a pedestrian, causing that person to suffer a concussion, a gashed head and a broken elbow.

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