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12 Injured on Miami, Florida-Bound American Airlines Flight

12 American Airlines passengers on a Miami, Florida bound flight were injured on Tuesday after severe turbulence rocked the aircraft, news outlets are reporting. While several of the victims had to be hospitalized, it remains to be seen whether anyone has decided to press criminal charges against the airline.

On flight 1780, which landed at Miami International Airport on Tuesday with 185 passengers aboard, twelve persons were injured and five had to be sent to the hospital. The 15-second bout of powerful turbulence responsible, according to American Airlines, was not visible on the airplane’s radar, but witnesses say that the rocking was strong enough to send people flying into the air. Two of the injured parties were flight attendants.

American Airlines has apparently denied any wrongdoing. In a statement to the press, American Airlines said that the seatbelt sign had been on when ‘moderate’ turbulence hit flight 1780, which was flying from Aruba (in the Caribbean). It is not clear what kind of response they were able to provide for passengers injured aboard the flights.

One child was reportedly using the bathroom when the flight began its’ initial descent and the turbulence hit. “When I closed the door, the airplane started jumping around,” the boy, 8, told the media. His mother was injured when she tried to make her way to the bathroom when the turbulence hit. It is not clear whether she was one of the persons who had to go to a Miami-are hospital after the plane landed.

Emergency medical workers at the airport treated seven passengers before they went on their way. It is not clear what kinds of injuries they suffered from, nor is it known if any of the injured parties are still at the hospital. None of the names of the victims have been made public. The press was ready to intercept departing passengers at Miami International Airport, some of whom seemed very shaken up. One man with tears in his eyes told the media that the turbulence had been so violent that he had thought that the plane was going to crash.

Unfortunately, flight 1780 was not the only troubled US aircraft on Tuesday. Another flight run by US Airways had to be rerouted to Philadelphia after the airplane cabin filled with poisonous fumes, making five crewmembers ill. The aircraft, which originated in Charlotte, had been bound for Rome before it was diverted.

According to the press, a Philadelphia International Airport spokesperson reported that “at approximately 10 p.m. we received a notification that US Airways Flight 720, which was scheduled from Charlotte to Rome, was going to divert to Philadelphia because individuals were exhibiting signs of illness.” The five crewmembers were taken to a Philadelphia hospital for treatment for nausea. Reports do not indicate whether an investigation into the incident is underway, nor do they suggest what the unknown fumes may have been from. It is not clear whether US Airways plans to conduct an examination of the aircraft. A statement from the airline was not immediately available.

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