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Stevie Glasspool, a Broward County, Florida teacher, was arrested Thursday after she was accused of trying to use social media to seduce teenagers, news sources report. Glasspool was booked into police custody on charges of soliciting a child for unlawful sexual conduct using a computer; she is not believed to have had any inappropriate physical contact with minors. She was assigned $25,000 bail. It is unclear whether she has obtained a criminal defense lawyer.

According to reports, Glasspool has a 2008 undergraduate degree from Louisiana State University and a graduate degree from American Public University System. She had been working as a social studies teacher at Mavericks Charter High School in Pompano Beach, but switched to Hollywood Academy of Arts & Science at the end of the school year to teach unspecified classes, sources say. There is no indication that she was ever accused of conducting herself improperly while teaching.

When news of her recent arrest broke, the academy reportedly released the following statement: “[Glasspool] is on unpaid leave pending further investigation. We do background checks on every employee prior to them entering the classroom and they are not permitted to go into the classroom unless the background check is clear. Parents have been informed.” Glasspool does not have a criminal record, according to reports.

Sources say Glasspool is tech-savvy, an active participant in social networking and the operator of several websites. On one site displaying her photography, Glasspool reportedly said she is planning to get a master’s degree in photography, “I am a Louisianan born in Texas, I am Cajun French,” Glasspool apparently wrote on the site. “If you make me mad my accent comes out and I can be pretty feisty, but mostly I’m laid back.” Her photography included portraits and landscapes.
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David Paul Lazarus, a Coral Springs, Florida Nurse, was arrested Monday for allegedly giving a patient with drug problems extra painkillers, then forcing her to perform oral sex on him, news sources report. The 26-year-old victim’s name was redacted in public reports. Lazarus, 42, was booked into the Broward County Main Jail on two counts of sexual battery. A judge ordered that he be held without bail bond due to a previous misdemeanor. Reports did not specify a defense attorney for Lazarus.

According to reports, Lazarus has worked for the Broward Health Medical Center for five years, during which time he does not appear to have been cited for any past wrongdoing. He is married to Leban David, who is also a nurse. Lazarus has a pending criminal case from December 2011 on charges of battery, reports indicate; the details of that case were not immediately available at press time.

A spokesperson for the Broward Health Medical Center released a statement following Lazarus’s arrest, reportedly saying, “We were informed this morning of a patient allegation against an employee. We have responded by initiating a thorough review of the allegation, and because this is a police investigation, we’re not permitted to provide any details at this time.” It is too early to tell how this arrest will affect Lazarus’s position at the health center.

Reports say the incident occurred on June 12 after the victim had undergone surgery to remove kidney stones at the Broward Health Medical Center. Based on reports, the victim had a past record of drug abuse and had recently gotten out of rehab. She had been prescribed Dilaudid, a painkiller, to held her with her surgery recovery. Lazarus was not assigned to the victim, but he reportedly engaged the victim in conversation and offered to let her smoke a cigarette outside of the building.

On June 14, Lazarus and the victim talked about her struggle with drug addiction. After he learned of the victim’s addiction, Lazarus allegedly provided the victim with a 40-milligram oxycodone pill and two syringes of morphine. Oxycodone and morphine are both classified as opioids, and are in the same drug group as opium and heroin. Each of these drugs is highly addictive and prone to abuse.
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Kurtis White of Fort Lauderdale, Florida was arrested Thursday after he allegedly threw an artillery shell at a pit bull that had come into his yard, news sources report. The pit bull was later euthanized because of the severity of its injuries. White, 22, was booked into the Palm Beach County Jail on charges of animal cruelty. He was released the following day after bonding out on $2,500. The press did not say whether White had hired an attorney.

According to reports, the pit bull’s name was “White Boy” and it belonged to Kim Denson, who lives not far from White’s home. A witness reportedly told police that White Boy was a dangerous dog and had bitten neighbors in the past. It was not clear at press time whether anyone had filed complaints about White Boy in the past.

Reports say this latest incident occurred on July 7 in White’s backyard in the 1000 block of Northwest 26th Avenue. That day, White Boy escaped his home and went to White’s yard, where White keeps Patches, his female pit bull. White went outside and was reportedly confronted by a growling White Boy, who stood between White and his dog.

White apparently retreated back into his home, then left with another witness to tell Denson that her dog was in his yard. When White returned to his home, he allegedly armed an artillery shell and hurled it at White Boy. The resulting explosion hit and injured the dog. Denson reportedly witnessed White throwing the explosive device.

Following the explosion, White Boy was taken to the veterinarian for treatment. Reports say he sustained a broken leg and deep lacerations and needed a blood transfusion. Denson decided to put the dog down due to the severity of the injuries. White gave Denson $300 for White Boys veterinary treatment, reports say.
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Sergio Sosa of Pompano Beach, Florida was arrested Tuesday after he was accused of habitually molesting a young girl for nearly two years, news sources report. Sosa, 40, was booked into the Broward County Main Jail on charges of lewd or lascivious molestation and four counts of sexual battery on a child. It is unclear whether he qualified for bail bond. The press did not specify a criminal defense lawyer for Sosa.

According to reports, the victim is now 16 years of age. She reportedly told officers that the alleged sexual abuse occurred between February 2006 and February 2008, when she was around 9-10 years old. The press did not specify how Sosa and the victim know each other or whether they are related. It is unclear where the abuse occurred.

Sources say Sosa raped the victim an unspecified amount of times. Reports also say Sosa force the victim to perform oral sex. Sosa reportedly told the victim not to tell anyone about the alleged sexual encounters and neglected to wear protection during any of the incidents.

Police launched an investigation and arrested Sosa at his home on Tuesday. Based on reports, he has denied any wrongdoing.

Sadly, accusations of child molestation are rampant throughout Florida and much of the U.S. Earlier this month, Wilson Steven Hernandez of Pembroke Pines was booked into police custody after he allegedly molested two sisters, ages 8 and 10, sources report. Hernandez, 49, was taken to the Paul Rein Detention Facility on three counts of lewd or lascivious exhibition on a child under 12, three counts of lewd conduct, seven counts of performing a lewd or lascivious act on a child under 12, and nine counts of lewd and lascivious molestation on a child under 12. Hernandez was held without bond. It is unclear whether he hired legal representation.
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Kaylen Maglaris and Jeffery Thomson of Plantation, Florida were arrested Monday for allegedly forcing women to become prostitutes, news sources report. Maglaris, 20, and Thomson, 27, were each booked into the Broward County Main Jail on charges of procuring for prostitution, renting a place for prostitution, human trafficking, and forced commercial sex activity. Thomas’s bail bond was set at $50,300; Maglaris was ordered to be held without bond. The press did not say whether the defendants had hired legal representation.

According to reports, Thomson’s wife may have been involved in the human trafficking ring as well; it is not clear whether any others were involved. Reports were unable to provide the wife’s name or say whether she was arrested. In court, Thomson claimed that he was only following his wife’s instructions when committing the alleged crimes.

Maglaris allegedly worked alongside Thomson and helped recruit potential victim in the Orlando and Tampa areas. Sources say the defendants would promise the victims work opportunities in order to lure them to Plantation. The defendants may have used, an online classified service, in order to advertise the alleged job opportunities. In court, a county judge restricted the defendants from using this online service in the event that they bond out of jail.

Thomas’s duties in the operation apparently included picking the women up from bus stops and providing them with essentials. The job opportunities were then revealed to be prostitution, sources indicate. instead coerce them into prostituting themselves for money. “Once the women got here, they basically were at your will. They didn’t have money unless they were involved in sex,” a county judge reportedly said to Maglaris during a hearing “They couldn’t leave.”

“You split the proceeds from the victims’ earnings as [prostitutes] and, after taking agency fees and paying for room and board, the women would not have any profits,” a Broward County judge reportedly said during Thomas’s hearing. “The court is concerned you are a player in the human trafficking situation going on in South Florida right now.”
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