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Let freedom ring! Today, America shined bright.  Today, America proclaimed to posterity, once again, why she is a morally great nation.  Today, pause, America created a more perfect union.

Justice Kennedy delivered the opinion of the Court in Obergefell v. Hodges.  He also delivered the final blow to one of the remaining Civil Rights battlegrounds in the Global war for human liberty – Gay Marriage Equality.

Whether you are gay, straight, not sure, or damning everyone to hell – equal protection under the law keeps you free. The very foundation of Western civilization depends on it.  This article explains why…

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Tomas Portuondo, a Pembroke Pines, Florida insurance salesman and youth coach, was arrested Wednesday for allegedly sexually abusing a preteen girl over a period of three years, news sources report. Portuondo, 25, was booked into the Broward County Main Jail on 11 counts relating to the lewd and lascivious molestation on a child between 12 and 16 by a person over 18. A county judge ordered that he be held in lieu of $30,000 bail.

Sources say Portuondo is a coach for a girls’ basketball team in Broward County. In addition, reports say Portuondo also served as an insurance sales representative. So far, it is unclear whether the youth team has spoken out about these allegations against their former coach. The allegations do not appear to be related to Portuondo’s role as a coach.

According to reports, the abuse started in April 2010 when the victim was 11 years old. Reports say Portuondo was friends with the victim’s family. The details of the alleged abuse, such as where it purportedly took place and what it involved, were not specified in reports. The sexual abuse continued for three years until it drew to a close in March of this year.

The victim’s mother went to the police regarding the sexual misconduct in March, sources say. During an investigation, police supposedly discovered text messages regarding the abuse that the victim had sent. Police are currently conducting an investigation to determine whether there may be any more victims. The Pembroke Pines Police Department Investigations Bureau is asking anyone with more information to either call or email. Tipsters may remain anonymous.
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Timothy Eugene Alexander Jr., a former South Trail, Florida firefighter, and Joshua Dale Bryan were arrested Wednesday after they were connected to the rape of a 16-year-old girl, news sources report. Alexander, 31, and Bryan, the victim’s 18-year-old ex-boyfriend, were booked into the county jail on charges of sexual battery. Alexander has since been released on a $150,000 bail bond. Bryan is being held in lieu of $100,000 bail. The press did not specify a criminal defense lawyer for either of the defendants.

According to reports, Alexander worked as firefighter for the South Trail Fire District for eight years before his arrest. Alexander has since been fired from the department due to an unrelated criminal case, reports indicate. “This kind of thing is an embarrassment to all public safety, and when this comes forward, we’ll do all that we can to ensure this doesn’t happen to anyone else,” a firefighter spokesperson said. “It is appalling to us. The charge is appalling,” another firefighter spokesperson said of the case.

This is not Alexander’s first run-in with the law, sources say. On April 9, Alexander was in the passenger seat of a car with his wife and father in Fort Myers. He allegedly seized the steering wheel and threated to steer the vehicle into a pole. “[The wife] said it was very loud, very loud and very abusive,” a neighbor reportedly said. Alexander was purportedly drunk at the time.

A month ago, Alexander was reportedly involved in another case with his wife. Reports say Alexander strangled the victim outside of their apartment until she passed out, then pulled her back inside the residence. This allegedly occurred in the presence of the couple’s seven-year-old boy.

No criminal record for Bryan, who is apparently a relation of Alexander’s, was mentioned in reports. The victim is Bryan’s former girlfriend, sources report. Bryan is accused of conspiring with Alexander to set the stage for the rape on the night of the incident.
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Brian Keith Dunn of Coral Spring, Florida was arrested Wednesday after he was accused of befriending a teenage boy over the internet and eventually meeting him in person, purportedly for the purposes of some sort of sexual activity, news sources report. Dunn, 49, was booked into the Broward County Main Jail on charges of prohibited use of a computer, traveling to meet a minor, lewd and lascivious battery on a minor, and driving with a suspended license. He is being held in lieu of $150,000 bail bond. The press did not specify an attorney for Dunn.

The details of the incident, including the teen’s exact age, were not all available at press time, as the investigation is still ongoing. According to reports, Dunn met and kept in contact with the teen online. The pair reportedly kept up an email correspondence for an unspecified period of time.

At some point, Dunn allegedly drove to the teen’s home where, based on the charges, some type of sexual activity allegedly occurred. After that real-life encounter, sources say Dunn and the teen kept in contact via emails and text messages. Reports were unable to say how police learned of the purportedly illicit relationship.

Broward Sheriff’s Office Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) division and the Lauderhill Police Department carried out the investigation. Dunn was subsequently arrested. So far, the authorities appear to have remained mum regarding the ongoing investigation, but they are requesting that anyone with additional details contact them immediately. It is unclear whether there are any more victims.

Children are oftentimes the victims of online predators, who can contact minors in chat rooms or using social media websites. Earlier this month, Seminole resident Andrew Michael Brandt was apprehended for going on to social networking sites under the guise of being a teenager. The alleged alter ego ended with Brandt allegedly sleeping with a 15-year-old girl, sources report. Brandt, 27, was taken into police custody on charges of lewd or lascivious battery on a victim over 12 and under 16 and unlawful sexual activity with a minor. An update on the case is not currently available.
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Anthony Michael McGrath of Broward County, Florida was arrested this past week after he was accused of forcing a 17-year-old teen to prostitute herself, news sources report. McGrath, 23, was booked into police custody and charges are currently pending. It is unclear whether McGrath will qualify for a set bail bond. The press did not say whether he has obtained an criminal defense lawyer.

The 17-year-old teen, whose name has not been released, ran away from a Fort Lauderdale group home in August, reports say. It is not clear what incited the teen to leave the home. At first, the teen met up with her boyfriend and the pair rented a room in a motel, sources say. The boyfriend’s name and age were not given in reports.

To keep up with their bills, the teen’s boyfriend reportedly told her to earn money by working as a prostitute. The girl solicited herself for two weeks, reports say. When she told her boyfriend she wanted to quit and return to her group home, the boyfriend allegedly struck her in the face.

It is unclear how the teen came into contact with McGrath. However, he reportedly told her that he would “treat her better” than her boyfriend if she agreed to work with him, reports say. The teen agreed, and McGrath took pictures of her and used them to create an online prostitution ad on, sources indicate.

The teen worked with McGrath for three weeks, during which time she had sex with johns at two different Fort Lauderdale motels. The johns paid anywhere from around $80 to have sex with the teen, although McGrath allegedly kept all the money for himself. The teen would see as many as six to seven johns a day, sources allege.

The teen reportedly said she feared McGrath because he owned a gun. McGrath also allegedly reminded the teen there was a warrant for her arrest because she had fled her former home, making her afraid to seek help.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation found the prostitution ad advertising the girl sometime later, sources say. In an attempt to rescue her, an agent posed as a john and pretended to hire the teen for sex. The agent reportedly agreed to pay $160 for the services.
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