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As if June couldn’t be capable of even yet greater historic change in the United States! In an unbelievable shift in foreign policy for both nations, each has agreed to open embassies in the other.  A huge press conference is announced for 11:00am this morning from the Rose Garden of the White House.

What happens next will be one of the most unbelievable things we will see in our lifetime:  Cuba Rising!

We are about to witness a sea change of geo-politics and business.  The World’s greatest economy is about to add a new neighbor and business partner to its repertoire.  But Cuba is no regular partner – she is a neighbor.

Cuba is as close to America as Canadian and Mexican population centers.  In Florida, Cuban Americans are as much a part of American culture and society as Mexican Americans and Canadian Americans.

Bringing Cuba into the American economic fold is far more significant than just any other nation.  Cuba is our neighbor and she shares geographic and social proximity to us.  But what does this mean?

This means a massive shift in law and business.  This means new trade deals loom on the horizon.  This means we can get real Cuban cigars on Main Street and Cubans can drink Diet Coke while listening to Taylor Swift on iPhones.

The Legal Implications

It also means there is a new frontier in law.  One that will be full of import/export legal questions, contracts and breach of contracts, dispute resolution, people getting arrested, people getting injured… the list goes on and on.

Most importantly, we can only hope that with new relations, new economics, and new interactions, each nation’s culture will rub off on the other (no I am NOT referring to Communism for you haters out there).  The more America thats in Cuba, the more America that is in Cuba.

Culturally, we are a nation of laws. One of the most profound legal implications of normalized relations with Cuba may be the influence on Cuba of how we do things.  I say this only because our system for successful macro-economics works.  If you want American wealth, it pays to adopt an American system for doing business.  Anyone who is interested in this approach, will also be interested in our legal code and how we enter into agreement and resolve disagreement – in all of its varietals.

With time, with commerce, with interaction, with agreements and disagreements that are resolved using the rule of law –  America slowly, but surely creep its way into Cuban culture.  With time, I predict this will result in greater Civil Rights on the Communist island, greater freedoms, greater productivity, and more happiness.

Law and how it effects society will be the bloodline that Westernizes a nation that I believe will prove to be one of America’s greatest allies.

Personally, I can’t wait to try the mojitos…

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Let freedom ring! Today, America shined bright.  Today, America proclaimed to posterity, once again, why she is a morally great nation.  Today, pause, America created a more perfect union.

Justice Kennedy delivered the opinion of the Court in Obergefell v. Hodges.  He also delivered the final blow to one of the remaining Civil Rights battlegrounds in the Global war for human liberty – Gay Marriage Equality.

Whether you are gay, straight, not sure, or damning everyone to hell – equal protection under the law keeps you free. The very foundation of Western civilization depends on it.  This article explains why…

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Vivian Vosburg of Polk County, Florida was arrested Friday after she allegedly beat two boys, news sources report. Vosburg, 30, was booked into the Polk County Jail on four counts of child neglect and two counts of child abuse with bodily harm. It is unclear whether she qualified for bail bond. The press did not specify an attorney for Vosburg.

Vosburg, sources say, is the stepmother of the eldest defendant accused of teasing 12-year-old Rebecca Sedwick into killing herself. Guadalupe Shaw, 14, is being investigated for habitually bullying Sedwick, both in person and through electronic means. Police believe that the abuse by Shaw and other middle school girls caused Sedwick to end her life by jumping off of a silo at an abandoned concrete factory. Shaw was arrested soon after when she made a Facebook post reportedly saying, “‘Yes, [I know] I bullied Rebecca and she killed herself but [I don’t give a f***]” She is now in the state’s custody pending the outcome of the case, which has garnered international attention.

Reports did not specify a relationship between Vosburg and the two boys she allegedly struck. The boys’ ages likewise have not been released. Video footage reportedly shows Vosburg cursing and attacking the two boys, who appear to be fighting on a bed. In the video, it appears she is trying to break up a fight and pull the boys off the bed.

Vosburg reportedly said that was her intent, but admitted that she was likely at wrong for hitting the boys with her fist as a means to get them apart. Vosburg reportedly admitted to hitting one boy in the face and the other several times in the back. One boy apparently fell off of the bed during the scuffle. The children escaped injury, according to the press.

The video of the debacle was apparently uploaded to one of Vosburg’s children’s Facebook accounts in July. After watching the video, police arrested Vosburg. It is not clear whether she has commented publicly on the case.

Child abuse takes many forms. Earlier this month, Pembroke Pines resident Tomas Portuondo was apprehended after he was accused of sexually abusing an underage girl for three years, sources report. Portuondo, 25, was taken to the Broward County Main Jail on 11 counts of lewd and lascivious molestation on a child between 12 and 16 by a person over 18. He is being held in lieu of $30,000.
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Jean Annis of Big Coppitt Key, Florida was arrested this past week for allegedly shoved her former girlfriend out of a moving vehicle, news sources report. Information regarding the victim’s identity was not immediately available following the incident; she reportedly has to have surgery in order to properly recover. It remains to be seen whether the victim will file for damages. Meanwhile, Annis, 40, was booked into the Monroe County Jail on charges of aggravated battery following the incident. It is unclear whether she qualified for bail. An attorney was not listed for her in reports.

According to reports, Annis and the victim were in an intimate relationship for nearly a year, though they ended it with an amicable break-up. The press indicates that the two are still friendly. The incident began after Annis, the victim, and some friends went out for some drinks. Annis agreed to drive the victim home afterwards, sources say. During the drive, Annis and the victim started bickering because a third woman was texting the victim, sources say.

The argument escalated, ending only when Annis allegedly shoved the victim out of the moving vehicle. It is not clear how fast the car was moving when the victim was expelled. Annis allegedly left the scene afterwards.

The victim sustained broken bones in her hand and her face, as well as contusions and lesions on her body, reports say. She walked, injured, to her mother’s house and was then transported to the hospital for treatment. Doctors reportedly said her injuries require surgery to fix.

Meanwhile, police arrested Annis at her residence in Big Coppitt Key. It is not clear whether she has confirmed or denied involvement in the incident. It is similarly unclear whether there were any witnesses.

Battery between significant others is a frequent crime throughout the United States. A few weeks prior, West Palm Beach resident Torre Steven Williams was apprehended after he allegedly beat his wife, sources report. Williams, 33, was taken into police custody on charges of battery, corruption by threatening a public servant, and obstructing of justice. His bail was set at $4,000. An update on the case is not currently available.
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Charlie Ware, a licensed Hollywood, Florida acupuncturist and acupoint injection therapist, was arrested Tuesday after he was accused of administering questionable injections to as many a dozen patients, some of whom suffered ill-side effects, news sources report. Ware, 39, was booked into the Broward County Main Jail on three counts of attempting to practice medicine without a license. He has since been released on a $4,500 bail bond. No attorney appears to have spoken on Ware’s behalf.

According to reports, Ware is a licensed acupuncturist who has his own office at 3800 South Ocean Drive in Hollywood, Florida. Ware is licensed to perform a special form of acupuncture called “acupoint injection therapy,” which allows acupuncturists to inject patients with FDA-authorized substances. Ware reportedly advertised his services partially through Groupon, an online coupon website.

“If [the injection is] done within the scope of the practice, there’s basically no risk factor,” a licensed acupuncturist spokesperson reportedly said regarding the case. “If [the substance is] not approved to be injected, you shouldn’t be injecting it. That’s the standard that we go by.” It is not clear whether Ware will be allowed to continue practicing acupuncture if he is released on bail pending his trial.

Ware injected at least one patient with a substance that had not been approved by the FDA, reports allege. After the arrest, Ware said he had treated at least 12 patients with Simildet, a skin-tightening substance manufactured by a Spanish pharmaceutical company. The substance contains agents suspected to be toxic and is meant to be used on the surface of the skin, sources say.

Ware is accused of injecting Simildiet into Coral Springs resident Viktoria Kogan face back in February 2012, sources allege. Kogan, 44, visited Ware’s office after someone referred her to Ware; she wanted a treatment to lessen her wrinkles, sources say. Ware purportedly failed to offer her written information on his treatment, which caused some trepidation for Kogan. However, Ware reportedly told her not to worry because he was going to inject her with “good ingredients.”
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